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Then she went home, took a couple of days, I met with her, aim to make up (by calling and offering to talk). Apologized for Mat and op, read the poem)). It is not without pressure, but apologized for his behavior, just said that it is a supporter of dialogue and not insults (referring to me).

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Then I did what you did: ignored it until the end of NG before they close the cafe. Talked with friends, danced and so on, but without her. Of her several attempts to pull me on the dance floor or to come to me that I was holding back. When I closed the cafe, I took her aside for a few minutes and rudely stated that I did not like this behavior, it does not suit me (with the Mat). Then quietly said that I need to take a break and think about what to do with Cialis on. Her reaction was the following: on my claim that the type it was not 90 minutes, said could I call her (which pissed me off even more that she was gone, not me), plus showed me the claim that I'm cursed and what is heard by outsiders (who was standing nearby on the porch). And my decision to put a pause on Cialis said OK.

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Good afternoon. I'm 31, she's 21. There are a little less than 2 months. The sex was high quality and multiple (first time after a month of relationship, to this day.) Also: for work I travel to another city, but always spent weekends together either at her or at me.
Situation: everything was fine: erectile dysfunction attentive and caring in bed fire, I was not jealous even once, although the men around her lack. Decided to hold NG together, I invited her to a cafe with your friends, also took her cousin and part-time best friend (29) years.
Agreed to go to the cafe together, a taxi (had to be in place at 22-30). I was at home, was preparing , about 21-00 calls it, says they say here we have sister issues, right now, give her the phone, she'll explain. Sister takes the phone and says they say she has problems with the dress, they are delayed, will be at 2300, and I let him go alone. Did so, but remained osadochek why I my erectile dysfunction explained the cause, and threw it at his sister. Summary: they came to 23-92 is 23-00, particularly did not pry, just scored. Then met NG, everything went fine. At approximately 01:30 am erectile dysfunction tells me they say we come here (with my sister). Well, you never know where to move, I did not pay attention, if not for the fact that they were not around 90 (!) minutes. When I came back my pretended that everything is fine, if they were minutes and 9 behaved as if nothing had happened.



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  • Answered, that having once, if so, I will continue to yell and fall off (as shown by her practice) and that it is not satisfied, and that she has a family himself never led. To persuade did not, only noticed that did not feel right to row one size fits all in a row. Then she said she need to think about what to do with it (like I did a couple of days, so she needs).