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Share your experience, because I faced a very similar problem, I'm a little older than you and I have had a long relationship with a girl for 2 years after which we broke up by mutual consent. . After that, I immediately met another girl and fell in love potions. She was innocent from the very beginning of our relationship and I knew it, which simplified the matter. But the fact is that due to the strong love for her, I was anxious before sex, which will disappoint, that will not be satisfied in something, generic viagra and much more. in the End, after 2 months of first sex did not take place, even though we both wanted it, I stupidly did not get up because of the excitement.

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When he was supposed to be the second time the problem recurred, most likely because of the excitement + the first neudavshayasya sex, so after this, my head was full of all granu so much that I already on what do not count. I decided to pack up and went to the stupid doctor to get tested and checked, the results were excellent, so I was 100% sure that the problem is psychological in nature. Next time when we stayed at my place, we both got drunk in a piece of shit, were both very uninhibited, we started with oral sex - there was already, but worthless due to overabundance of alcohol in the blood, thus again turned out complete crapt

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You different things you write I do not suggest those who have real problems to self-medicate and ignore the existence of andrologists and urologists. But if the guys have temporary troubles now, only viagra the solution? Even the manual says before taking consult with your doctor and tempering must be carried out according to the recipe. And who are you doctor ? All that stuff with his hat, if you have no not worth it it's your problem don't need to put other on this shit. Even if to whom it will be shown in exceptional cases, or sex, or the end of the relationship or what the circumstances are much safer and better to take Cialis. Viagra is already past.Buy 100mg Viagra Houston, Texas. PS. On account of birth, for example Sasha Zvereva soloist Demo gave birth at home in the bathroom without any help at all.


Psychological erectile dysfunction - a disorder of of erection for hypervolemia and gipervozbujdenia. There is a lot of young men who are beginning their sexual journey.
The solution is simple, taking viagra before first sexual acts, and then just keep it for extra confidence in yourself.

Any advice and ointments in the heap, do not give the same effect as viagra. Secondly, the erection will be stable, since beginners usually sexual intercourse lasts no more than 1-5 minutes, but with viagra, it will be brighter, longer and better.

To the questions "I hit my knee was bleeding", like "spit and Polish", not replace the effect of peroxide, alcohol and the green stuff and viagra is in the case of erectile dysfunction this one.
Dear, I just did doctor! Can you imagine? And you thought that you're a doctor? :D:D:D


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  • But, the fact that the girl was down there, a little simplified the task for the next time. And so now I will say a few tips that I think could help you :
    1 - in moments of intimacy, don't think about you or not, get distracted by the girl, touch her, kiss, caress, etc.
    2 - let the girl touch you everywhere,(even if she did not pozvolja to do with you) she takes you hands especially from the waist down, unable even to take her hand and put it right onto the cock, I think she even enjoy it.
    3 - forget about the pills of viagra or even some sort of crap, it will not help and will only exacerbate the problem. prevention can drink a complex of vitamins type of Permina and eat walnuts with honey. (just make sure you weeks allergic reaction to it), and about alcohol, you can forget too before sex, although you can drink for example wine a bit, but not for you to be swayed, And so would my girl to spoil and keep her company in it.
    4 - you must be the most liberated when your girlfriend is near, tobish if you are already stripped and you suddenly really need to go to the toilet ( for example) don't get dressed, go naked as it is and there is nothing to be ashamed of) there all all of Dyakovo.well except for the fact that someone Brito, who is no. and here is tip number 5
    5 - shave below the belt, besides the fact that you yourself will be much more comfortable and convenient, clean-shaven look more than not shaved. And oral sex do not interfere in your mouth does not climb anything extra.